AHRSC Rescues who have achieved Incredible Accomplishments

 AHRSC Rescue Hope!

Hope was rescued from a horrible puppy mill situation in July 2014 in Taiwan.  Hope! # 1 Afghan Hound in 2019 in 3 advanced levels in Utility, Versatility & Open B


CIRCLE OF HOPE – Owner by Gisela Bailey     Obedience – special presentation, Submitted by Linda Hicks

Under our guidelines, there was no Afghan who qualified for Best Obedience Hound in 2019 (none got three scores in the same class within the calendar year).  Hope did have qualifying scores during 2019 in 3 advanced levels (1 each in Utility, Versatility, and Open B). making her the #1 Afghan 2019 under the Delaney obedience system (which compares performances of dogs in AKC all breed obedience) We seldom have Afghans qualifying under the Delaney system, as its requirements only apply to upper level competition, which we rarely see Afghan Hounds competing in, so this is a very high honor for Hope.  The qualifying scores she received during 2019 were:  189  Utility  –  181.5  Versatility  –  182.5  Open B.  The P&P’s state that the stats for Best Obedience Dog will be calculated for “each dog in each class”.  All 3 of these scores would count towards a UDX title, so in my opinion could be considered the “same class” since they all are included in moving towards a title.  There were NO other Afghan Hounds who received 3 scores in obedience during 2019 except in Beginner Novice, which doesn’t count towards statistics.