Faith just after she was rescued from a horrible puppymill situation in July 2014 in Taiwan. Her eyes looked so hopeless and sad.







Faith after being rescued

Faith and Hope’s journey to the United States to Afghan Hound Rescue of So. California

Just in case anyone ever wonders “why bother?”. Anyone who knows and loves this sweet, beautiful, fabulous girl would understand why rescue is so very important. Thank you, hats off and love to you Rita Kao and crew, and Afghan Hound Rescue So. California for saving this most wonderful girl and all the others you have saved. ♥. Thanks to your efforts, Faith was able to turn two years old in May.

Faith today after the immense efforts of a golden crew. June 2015. She is now a silly, goofy, crazy fun girl who has stolen our hearts. We adopted her in December 2014, just shortly after she arrived from Taiwan. 

faith photo shootfaith couch 2faith by pool






VIDEO UPDATE on Faith 9-2018

And since Faith’s rescue from a horrible puppymill situation beautiful Faith with Sandy Blount’s Afghan Hounds, Yanni and Levon have become models!!!!