Rescue Update: 8/4/17 

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One of AHRSC’s ADOPTED Rescues, Stella was viciously attacked by a Pit Bull on Monday, July 10th in Newport Beach with her owners. Please read her story below and lets help Stella get back on all fours!  Please check for new UPDATES on the site:  As of August 2nd Stella has had a few up’s and downs with her cast and not feeling well.  So far no infection and her leg is being checked and re casted every week.  Her gofundme page will continually have updates on her progress until we know she is over the worst and on to rehab.  Elyse and Zach thank you all from the bottom of their hearts for all the love, support and donations from everyone for their girl Stella.

CLICK HERE to get stella back on all fours!

On July 10th,Elyse and Zach Smith were taking a pleasant stroll near The Castaways with their rescued Afghan Hound….STELLA. A Pit Bull turned around and began viciously attacking them with Stella taking the brunt of the attack. Zach made every attempt to intervene as he cuffed Stella’s neck while they both attempted to push away the Pit Bull. Stella’s leg is shattered in three places and has severed tendons, muscles and arteries and this will be the first of many surgeries and urgent care for her.


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Afghan Hound Rescue of Southern California, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to rescue stray, abandoned, relinquished and/ or impounded Afghan Hounds. Veterinary care is provided- prior to adoption according to the dog’s needs, always including spaying or neutering. We are currently adopting out to only the West Coast states.

25% of dogs in shelters are purebred. Sadly, puppy-mills and pet stores who sell puppies contribute to pet overpopulation. Adoption is a very loving alternative to buying a puppy and it helps control the population of pets!     Learn More

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There are not enough thank you’s to all the Volunteers and Sponsors who help AHRSC in so many different ways.  Fostering, Hound Hero sponsorship of a Rescue, Rescue pick-ups and transportation, Grooming, photography, raffles and much more…. Most special is to see these Rescues rehabilitated back to healthy Afghan Hounds with a beautiful life ahead of them now.

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