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Pet-Community-Dog-Rescue120Afghan Hound Rescue of Southern California, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to rescue stray, abandoned, relinquished and/ or impounded Afghan Hounds. Veterinary care is provided- prior to adoption according to the dog’s needs, always including spaying or neutering.

25% of dogs in shelters are purebred. Sadly, puppy-mills and pet stores who sell puppies contribute to pet overpopulation. Adoption is a very loving alternative to buying a puppy and it helps control the population of pets!
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new-logoA Hero is someone who changes anyone’s life in a positive way!
Make a difference in an Afghan Hound Rescue’s life! Become a “Hound Hero”!
Our Sponsorship Program allows an individual who is unable to adopt at this time the opportunity to become A “Hound Hero” by making a financial donation towards a particular adoptable’s care.
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2016 Afghan Hound Club of America Rescue Calendar  Order yours now!

Rescue Faith on the Cover.  See her video and before / after photos below

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Morris, Faith and Hope were rescued from a horrible puppymill situation in July 2014 in Taiwan. They have all arrived in the United States now at Afghan Hound Rescue of Southern California. All three of these beautiful, souls have been placed in loving, safe homes. This is Faith’s story and her photo today playing with littermate Morris….. get the kleenex. There are not enough thank you’s to all the volunteers who saved these three and rehabilitated them back to healthy Afghan Hounds with a beautiful life ahead of them now.
Morris, Hope and Spirit were in the same neglected and abused condition. Their videos can be seen in STORIES OF THE HEART

This is Faith’s Story

Faith_before&After Faith_Hope_Spirit