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Meet Eleven, Please read her story

Afghan Hounds are happy dogs with true enthusiasm for life. But Eleven was abandoned, left  to die and caught in a snare in Korea until finally, people of good character came to her rescue.   Her long journey back had just begun.

elevens-legThe bone on her hind leg was visible for 360 degrees. Every part of Eleven’s skeleton poked out from her matted fur. She was so dirty you couldn’t even figure out  she was all blonde!

Afghan Hound Rescue Southern California stepped in and paid for Eleven’s vet bills, boarding, medications, shots, soft bed. Her wounds are healing. She’s been bathed, brushed and fed. But Eleven’s so tiny and thin, she  only weighed 18 pounds. She needs further treatment, tender loving care, and, eventually, a forever home.

Eleven will be transported thousands of miles to California and cared for by  AHRSC, an all-volunteer not-for-profit 501(c)(3) group devoted to rescuing Afghan Hounds from abuse, neglect, surrender, and shelters.

Aided by your contributions, Eleven can look forward to her own dog bed indoors. She will have playmates. She will see the vet and be regularly groomed and bathed and enjoy fully-fenced outdoor room where she can  run, pounce on  squeaker toys and gnaw knuckle bones. This beautiful dog will only be adopted out after a home visit confirms her happiness.


Eleven is beginning to know that the future is bright and that not all humans are weak in character.  A dog deserves to know this. A dog deserves our best selves. Eleven has already shown what a forgiving heart she has and with her big brown eyes, she now knows to look at us with trust.  We hope she never looks back.

October 12, 2016, 12:01pm   

Eleven is in Los Angeles. What a cute and happy tiny girl, We are in love. She is a character.     Welcome to LA Eleven!


eleven_updatesSex: Female         

Breed: Afghan Hound

Color:  S/M Cream      

Age :  Approx 4 years

Location:  Rescue

Description:  Eleven is so very friendly, almost housebroken with reminders to go out.  This cute girl is very small for an Afghan Hound but has an abundance of wonderful personality.  She came to us from a rescue in Korea and is currently heart worm positive.  After her heart worm treatment here there is a 6 month waiting period.  If she tests negative, then we can spay Eleven.  She is absolutely adorable and someone will be extremely lucky to have her in their life. For more information: 

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Pet-Community-Dog-Rescue120Afghan Hound Rescue of Southern California, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to rescue stray, abandoned, relinquished and/ or impounded Afghan Hounds. Veterinary care is provided- prior to adoption according to the dog’s needs, always including spaying or neutering. We are currently adopting out to only the West Coast states.

25% of dogs in shelters are purebred. Sadly, puppy-mills and pet stores who sell puppies contribute to pet overpopulation. Adoption is a very loving alternative to buying a puppy and it helps control the population of pets!
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Thank you to all our Volunteers!

There are not enough thank you’s to all the Volunteers and Sponsors who help AHRSC in so many different ways.  Fostering, Hound Hero sponsorship of a Rescue, Rescue pick-ups and transportation, Grooming, photography, raffles and much more…. Most special is to see these Rescues rehabilitated back to healthy Afghan Hounds with a beautiful life ahead of them now.

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