Red Hawk

Sex: Male                             

Breed: Afghan Hound / Saluki mix

Color:  Red

Age:  approx 3 years

Location:  Foster Home / Ready for adoption now.

Description:  Red Hawk was just 12 hours from being put to sleep at a shelter when AHRSC pulled him. Covered in ticks and fleas, it took three baths before the water was no longer red. Once he is done with the heartworm treatment and neutered, he will be available for adoption by a very lucky person. I think it’s the start of a mutual love affair. He is gorgeous and sweet! 💕

UPDATE: 1/10/2019   Red Hawk is a very cool and mellow boy. Sweet, a bit shy and super cute and loves his toys!  He is extremely friendly and we just love this boy!  Red Hawk will be retested for Heartworm in February and if he is negative he can be neutered and ready for his new home! This boy will make a perfect addition to someones life.

UPDATE: 4/29/2019  Red Hawk has just been re tested in February and he is Heartworm NEGATIVE!  Red Hawk has been neutered and looking for his very special forever home.

Adoption Status: July 2018 If you are interested, please fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION 

We only adopt our Rescues out to the West Coast











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