Sex: Female                                                                                                   

Breed: Afghan Hound

Color: b/m Red

Age: 7 years

Location:  Rescue

Description:  Hello Rachel!  We are so lucky to have the Olympic ski patrol team act as her courier in Korea to help rescue this loving girl and get her to The United States!  Thank you very much. Rachel is heartworm positive. She will need the HW treatment which she is currently undergoing and then a spay.  Afterwards she will be ready for adoption and will make someone very happy to be able to love and take care of her. Rachel is doing very well at Rescue, please contact us on her progress.  

Adoption Status: June 2018 If you are interested, please fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION 

We only adopt our Rescues out to the West Coast   ahrsc.adopt@gmail.com

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