Breed: Afghan Hound                                          

Sex: Male

Color: Black

Age:. 5 1/2 years

Location:  Foster Care

Description:  This gorgeous boy is up for adoption due to limitations of aging owners. From what we can gather…the dog had some receding gums and was going to need weekly brushing and daily applications of a special gel to his gums. Owner did want to do that so she had his teeth pulled.  Noah is a very big boy and is neutered and housebroken. He no longer has teeth but he eats kibble fine along with small dogs treats.  Noah is sweet, not shy and gets along with other dogs although he prefers his people. He likes to chase cats but it does not seem like he would harm them.  A strong cat would probably put him in his place.  Noah is very easy to walk and enjoys one on one time.  His coat texture is easier to groom than most Afghans Hounds. This is one beautiful boy ready for the rest of his life with his new Family!

For more information please contact Ann Sterner at

Adoption Status:  February 2019,  If you are interested, please fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION 

We only adopt our Rescues out to the West Coast

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