Breed:  Afghan Hound     

Sex:  Male

Color:  Black/Tan

Age:  Approx 7 years

Location:  Foster care

Description:  Please welcome this gentle, sweet soul… Hans. He was abandoned at a grooming shop in China, and rescued by the caring people at Together For Animals In China (TAC). He is about seven years old. So far Hans seems wise and kind and gets along with everyone. He has been checked by AHRSC’s vet and is ready for adoption.    Quiet, completely housebroken, sweet, did I mention quiet? He would be the perfect companion for anyone. He walks like a dream on a leash, eats well, does his business outside. Loves to be petted. We love him already. Hans is a gem!

Adoption Status: May 2019  If you are interested, please fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION    

We only adopt our Rescues out to the West Coast   ahrsc.adopt@gmail.com.

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