Breed: Afghan Hound                                   

Sex: 1 Female & 1 Male

Color: Black & Tan Female / Blonde Male

Age:  Seniors

Location: Rescue

Description:  Please welcome our newest members to the Afghan Hound Rescue Senior community.  Meet Dino and Maya.  Dino is a neutered male and Maya is a spayed female.  We don’t know exactly their ages and can only guess.  All we do know at this point is they are badly in need of a bath and trimming and lots of petting because they can’t get enough. 😉   They are the sweetest couple ever.  They really need to stay together because they sleep on top of each other.  Any “old dog lovers” out there that might want to give this cute couple a great home?  You will feel as good about adopting them as they will feel having a warm and safe place to call home with a lot of love to live out their years with you.   Thank you for time and interest in these two sweethearts.

Adoption Status: January 31, 2022, If you are interested, please fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION
We only adopt our Rescues out to the Western States.