New photos of Dale!!!!  Such a happy boy!

Breed: Afghan Hound

Sex: Male

Color: Domino

Age:  approx. 4 years

Location: Rescue

Description:  Meet Dale! He was in the shelter and just recently released to us.  Dale is about four years old and he got a shave and a bath and feels so much better without all the foxtails and huge mats. The shelter has provided a microchip and all vaccines.  Dale has been recently neutered now also and will be available after he heals.  He is a very sweet boy and, although he was understandably nervous about his grooming, he was excellent on the table and in the tub.  This boy is a sweetheart and will be quite the looker!!

Adoption Status:  June 10, 2023  Any questions, CONTACT AHRSC HERE

If you are interested, please fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION

We only adopt our Rescues out to the Western States.

Dale before covered in mats and foxtails.       Dale after and feeling much better!