Breed: Afghan Hound                                                                     

Sex: Male

Color:  Cream, Smooth coated Saluki / Sloughi

Age:. approx. 2 1/2  years

Location: Foster care / Cooper is amazing, has a few special social needs and ready for his forever home!

Description: Cooper came to AHRSC through Paws Rescue Qatar.  The Rescue there told us he is most likely an ex-racer.  Cooper turned up outside the gates of the shelter Paws Rescue Qatar with his bestie. They were nervous and only wanted food. Both were very skinny, and given our shelter location out in the desert, they had been dumped. We fed them until they felt safe enough to enter our walls and we were able to put collars on them. After health checks and food, they fit right in. His friend was adopted locally, but when the opportunity came for Cooper, we flew him out to find his forever family.


Cooper is a shy boy to start, but friendly, playful, good with other dogs he has met with us. Cooper is neutered, microchipped and tested negative for the usual tick/flea-borne diseases.  “Cooper is VERY afraid of men.  He is slow to warm up to women, but much slower to trust men.  He is a very big flight risk!  If he ever managed to escape before he was comfortable (and maybe even after he was comfortable), he would most likely revert to feral in about 30 seconds.  His best home would be one where he could just be.  Possibly a quiet home with a female owner.  Another friendly, playful medium-sized dog would be optimal.  Cooper loves other dogs and loves to play.  We were warned that he is not small dog safe, but we don’t have any small dogs to test him on.  Because of his shyness, walks may not be an option for Cooper nor are dog parks.”   Cooper needs that very special person to give him what he needs to enjoy his life.  When he trusts you and gets to know you Cooper is quite the snuggler and a very cool dude. .

Adoption Status: March 2019  If you are interested, please fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION 

We only adopt our Rescues out to the West Coast


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