Breed: Afghan Hound      

Sex: Female

Color: Blue Brindle

Age: 7 years

Location: Rescue

Description: Butterfly was one of the 29 afghan hounds rescued from a hoarding situation in Phelan, CA. two and a half years ago. She was two weeks from giving birth to seven puppies when she was released from the shelter. She was skeletal. I’m sure everybody remembers that whole story. After giving it a mighty try, Butterfly’s adoptive family is extremely sad but they must give her up. She and their existing hound could not get along and got into some very bad fights. This beautiful girl would be best in a home with no other animals. She’s got a big prey drive and is not cat (or any small animal) safe. She is a wonderful girl and passed her CGC! Of course, she is stunning as well. She’s ready for her new home.

FROM SHARLENE: ” And don’t forget that Butterfly does really well on Affie Flash Mob adventures, was featured on The Hallmark Rescue Show 2019 and is a total lap dog. She is sweet and cuddly” And this is very true. She was even here when we had a party with 24 afghan hounds all loose in the yard and house. She was perfect.

Adoption Status: January 2020 If you are interested, please fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION

We only adopt our Rescues out to the West Coast  ahrsc.adopt@gmail.com


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