Breed: Afghan Hound

Sex: Male

Billy                                                             Siobhan and Billy (right)                                   Billy (left) and Siobhan playing

Color: Black/Tan

Age:  approx. 8-9 months

Location: Rescue

Description: Meet Billy! He has also made the long journey from Harbin, China, to Bejing, to Seoul and finally to Los Angeles!!!!  Billy came to Rescue with Siobhan on Christmas Eve! Billy is now ready to begin the search for his forever home. Billy is a sweet gentleman who loves to stand back and watch the fun from a distance first and then join in the fun. He has been neutered, is current on his vaccines and is a very sweet boy, full of love and has a long life ahead of him now.

Billy was picked up from the breeder bringing the dogs to the slaughterhouse by Harbin SHS Animal Rescue. Harbin SHS

These rescues from Harbin, China are very special and will now have a chance to live the life they so deserve!

Thank you Harbin Dogs for saving these beautiful afghans!

Adoption Status:  December 2023 Any questions, CONTACT AHRSC HERE

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We only adopt our Rescues out to the Western States