Breed: Afghan Hound                           

Sex: Male

Color:  s/m Cream

Age:. approx. 7 years

Location: Foster care

Description:  “Beau was a seemingly happy boy and very loved by his person.  Sadly, Beau’s owner passed away.  He has been staying at a foster home and Beau is a very quiet dog.  Loves nothing more than having his very own quiet spot, preferably a bed.  Bonus points if he has a window in his spot.  He gets along with the other afghans well and really just wants nothing more than a quiet home.  He keeps to himself for the most part, but does enjoy being petted and hugged.  He is beautiful with silky hair.  He is in short coat right now, but has long soft hair on his topknot.  He just had a senior panel blood test which was normal and he had a dental.  He is ready to be someone’s sweet boy.”  .

Adoption Status: March 2019  you are interested, please fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION      

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