Gitano & Islero

Sex:  Males                                                 

Breed: Afghan Hound

Color:  Gitano: Blue   Islero:  Black

Age :  7 years

Location:  Foster care

Description:  Two new rescues arrived at Rescue. Two 7 yr old litter mate brothers, looking for a home together.  They were an owner relinquish to Rescue and these two need to stay together as they are very bonded to each other.  Very cool boys, very cool dispositions and very cool bond together.  Triple cool factor on these two!   Some time, love and socialization will bring you years of joy with them. Very sweet boys, a bit shy with strangers, but lovely hounds……Islero is the black, Gitano is the blue. They are currently in foster care and are just two wonderful loving boys!  If you are interested in these two beauties, please fill out the adoption application.  

Adoption Status:   If you are interested in please fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION   We only adopt our Rescues out to the West Coast

Rescues, Gitano and Islero showing off in front of former Rescue Faith.  Thank you Lori for fostering these two boys!

So yesterday I brought home two rescues (Islero and Gitano) from AHRSC to foster for a few days. They have been delightful. Today I realized they can sit and shake on command. Sitting is Faith's only trick so far (my fault). So I thought this might be amusing and they pulled it off like pros hahaha. Such good dogs, all three 💕💕💕

Posted by Lori L. Olson on Thursday, April 6, 2017

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