Sex: Male         

Breed: Afghan Hound

Color:  B/M Red    

Age : 6 – 7 years  (This boy is a gem. Age should not be a factor when needing a loving home) Same love to give and a wonderful house dog.

Location:  Rescue

Description:  Chris is neutered already! And about 6 or 7 yrs old….such a sweet boy! Housetrained…or so it seems so far! Calm, cool and collected!  When Chris is out for a walk he is like walking an exotic horse. Prances along so beautifully and if he felt even the slightest tug on the leash he would stop in his tracks and wait. He is a beautiful calm soul and the person who adopts him will indeed be very lucky. 

Adoption Status:  Available for Adoption.   If you are interested please fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION   We only adopt our Rescues out to the West Coast

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